'His behaviour was disgusting' - bus driver fails to stop after woman, 75, falls into aisle

The 75-year-old woman was on the 5:15pm Stagecoach bus service from Newmarket Guineas to Ely Market Street when

The 75-year-old woman was on the 5:15pm Stagecoach bus service from Newmarket Guineas to Ely Market Street when she fell into the isle on March 2. - Credit: Archant

A man who watched “in horror” as his 75-year-old mum fell into the aisle of a bus after not being given enough time to sit down before it pulled away, says the behaviour of the driver was “utterly disgusting”. 

On March 2, the woman took a Stagecoach bus service from Newmarket Guineas to Ely Market Street at around 5:15pm. 

Her son helped her onto the bus and he watched her as she went to sit down. 

Before she had the chance, the bus started to pull away. 

“Mum had a couple of bags with her and as she was walking down the aisle to sit on a free seat, the bus pulled away and to my horror, I watched her fall into the aisle of the bus,” said her son. 

The son believed the driver would stop the bus and check on his mum, but that was not the case. 

“I watched the bus turn onto the B1103 and it then proceeded to Wellington Street by the Market Square; that’s when I lost sight of it,” he said. 

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“At no time did I see the bus driver stop to find out the wellbeing of the fallen passenger (my mum) or indeed to see if there had been any injury sustained. 

“My mum must’ve been on the floor for a while because I tried calling her, eventually she answered saying she was fine like she always does, but she definitely wasn’t. 

“I was helpless on the side of the road.” 

A spokesperson from Stagecoach East said: "We are aware of an incident which took place on the March 2 in Newmarket, in which an elderly passenger had a fall while taking her seat on one of our services.” 

Upon arriving at Ely Market Street, the woman’s son asked her to get the drivers name and driver/badge identification number, but he declined to provide the information. 

“I then got mum to stand in front of the bus and take a photo of the registration number on it for our records as I knew I needed to complain about what had happened to her,” said the son. 

“It’s driving with undue care and respect.” 

The spokesperson said: "We are treating the matter very seriously, as the safety of our passengers is always our top priority.”

The son added: “Mum usually walks the short distance home from the bus stop to where she lives, but due to her being so shocked and starting to feel some pain, she had to sit, wait and pay for a taxi from across the road.” 

Following the incident, the 75-year-old has sustained bruising to both arms and now endures pain in the lower left side of her back and hands. 

“I just find the way it was handled and the behaviour of the said driver to be disgusting,” said the son. 

“They gave no due care or attention to their passenger (my mum) at all who had only just boarded the service before the bus quickly moved away from the stop. 

“She’s 75 years of age, something needs to be done about this.” 

The spokesperson added: “We are investigating the incident and talking to the driver and passenger."