Why this Soham house has had its Christmas decorations up since September

Helen and John Attleseys' decorated home in Soham. PHOTO: John Devine

Helen and John Attleseys' decorated home in Soham. PHOTO: John Devine - Credit: Archant

A house in Soham has been covered in Christmas decorations since September and there’s still more to be added.

The couple responsible are retired husband and wife, Helen and John Attlesey. They decorate their home on Julius Martin Lane top to bottom every year.

The decorations have been up since September and Helen says there is still more to come.

The couple don’t just decorate their house because they love Christmas, they’re raising money for Great Ormond Street Hospital and various hospitals in East Anglia.

Helen and John’s grandson, Jacob suffered from a form of epilepsy when he was younger. He was in and out of hospitals and spent a period of time in Great Ormond Street.

Jacob started having falls, that’s why the family took him in for a check. That’s when they discovered the epilepsy. He had to have an operation to remove a part of his brain.

They gave him 12 to 18 months to live, but he pulled through thanks to the support from friends, family and charities.

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Helen said “We got him back now, so it’s only right we give back to everyone who helped us.”

Jacob, now 15 and healthy has been signed off from Great Ormond Street Hospital. He used to have regular check ups and now he no longer needs them.

There is a collection box outside the couple’s house where donations can be made to support the charities. Last year Helen and John raised over £3,000 that they split between causes.

Helen told BBC Cambridgeshire: “Some people do laugh at our house, but they get used to it after a while. Children love it when they come back from school; they’re always looking to see what else we’ve added.”

“We start on the walls and guttering because no one will notice during the day, so we like to start there first. Then we bring out all the figures and that’s when people start realising what we’re up to.”

Helen switches on the lights every day at 3pm daily so that the children coming home from school get a good look at all the lights and figures.

The official switch on night is on Saturday November 11 at 5pm, so if you can make it. Pop down and support a great cause.