Shocks all round as police pull over 'white van man'

Sunday morning in Ely and police stop this suspected drink driver.

Sunday morning in Ely and police stop this suspected drink driver. But the reading he gave shocked them. - Credit: East Cambs Cops

Police couldn't believe their eyes – or more accurately the reading of an intoxicated driver. 

Especially as it was 11.44am on Sunday morning in Lynn Road, Ely, when they pulled over a white van driver.  

"We stopped him as we suspected drink driving,” said a police spokesperson at East Cambs Policing.  

The legal limit is 35 micrograms per 100 millilitres of breath.  

Two days later – posting the stop to their Facebook page – cops decided it was time for a competition.  

“What roadside reading did this chap provide?,” was the question they posted to their Facebook followers.  

“Answers below” they announced.  

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And so began a hectic 60 minutes of ‘wagering’. 

The post quickly attracted 80 comments, with guesses ranging from 50 to 217! 

Finally, possibly not because I posted to East Cambs Police to ‘please put us out of misery’ we all got the answer.  

Police revealed the reading that ‘White Van Man’ produced.  

East Cambs Cops and the 'big reveal'

East Cambs Cops and the 'big reveal' - Credit: East Cambs Cops

“The answer was 120 – nearly four times the legal limit,” said police.  

One resident posted: “Good grief, I'm amazed they could get the van in gear!  

“A danger to other road users, without a doubt. I'm ignoring the danger to themselves, you can't fix stupidity!”