What's Happening in East Cambs

ELY Ely Cathedral SERVICES for July 10-16 THURSDAY: 7.40am – Morning Prayer; 8am – Holy Communion; midday – Quiet Hour; 12.10 - Holy Communion; 5.30pm – Evensong. Friday: 7.40am – Morning Prayer; 8am – Holy Communion; midday – Quiet Hour; 5.30pm – Even


Ely Cathedral

SERVICES for July 10-16

THURSDAY: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 12.10 - Holy Communion; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Friday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Saturday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8.00am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

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Sunday: 8.15am - Holy Communion; 10.30am - Sung Eucharist; 4pm - Evensong.

Monday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Tuesday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.

Wednesday: 7.40am - Morning Prayer; 8am - Holy Communion; midday - Quiet Hour; 5.30pm - Evensong.


THE meeting on Sunday considered the importance placed on minimal ritual in Quaker worship and affairs. This discussion was one of a series exploring Quaker faith and practice planned for the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to come along and experience the silence of a Sunday meeting for worship, which starts at 10.30am in the Vernon Cross Room of Ely Museum.

St Peter's Church

SUNDAY: the celebrant and preacher at the 9.15am Eucharist will be the Rev Reg Macklin.

Wednesday: there will be a lunchtime service at 1pm.

St Mary's Church

SERVICES for Sunday: 8am - Holy Communion with preacher Alan Partridge; 10.30am - Family Communion with preacher Alan Partridge; 6.30pm - Reflective service led by Ruth Dennigan. Celebrations and Gift Day on Saturday, July 19, from 10am till 2pm. Stalls, ploughman's lunches and crafts.

INFO: contact the church at: www.elyparishchurch.net or call the church office on 01353 659550.

Countess Freechurch

SUNDAY morning's service began with a time of praise and worship led by Pastor Lowman. The Pastor's message (from 1 Thessalonians) was based on 'what kind of Gospel'? Holy Communion was celebrated at the close of service. The prayer meeting dwelt upon praise, Thanks-giving and the needs of mankind. At the evening service, Louise Lomax's worship session took the format of the love, compassion and outworking of the Holy Spirit. Psalm 15 'guest in the house of God' was the theme of the Pastor's message.

The Housegroup met during the week, and on Wednesday afternoon, the Fellowship Hour held its summer tea in the church hall. The entertainment before the tea was music, singing and readings and other activities.

Saturday: from 4.30pm onwards, the church will meet for their annual barbecue at the home of Ken and Linda Ellis.

Sunday: Pastor Lowman will continue with his message from (1 Thessalonians).

Rob Betts will bring the final part of 'The Big Journey'.

The Olive Tree Fellowship

MUCH of our worship time on Sunday morning dwelt on the name of Jesus, and all He has done for us. There were many prayers of gratitude. The Pastor brought news of developments in our family of churches, including a project in Israel.

Sunday: worship (including Holy Communion) at 10.30am. The speaker will be Irene Lipson. Crèche and Sunday School will be provided as usual.

Friday: The Open Door Café is at the Church is from 10am until noon will offer its usual warm welcome to any who wish to relax over refreshments. All are welcome. For further information about these and other gatherings, for young people, young babies and parents, and for Bible study, please contact the Pastor on Ely 612 316.


Baptist Chapel

A FAMILY service was conducted by the Rev Jim Mullin. The Baptist and Methodist's church's, Champions Challenge Holiday Club will be from August 12-17. £3,000 was raised from the Prayer Weekend and Gift Day. Eddie, David and Bob were the musicians for the morning service. Jim told of an e-mail he has received from Elizabeth, who is out in Burma, where there has been a hurricane and earthquake. Jim spoke to the children about Leprosy. Jim and Eileen read the Bible reading (Matthew 8 v. 1 to 13). Jim then spoke about birthdays. The service closed with prayers and songs. Next week's service will be led by the Rev Jim Mullin and Faith Rocks.


St John's Methodist Church

LAST Sunday, the Rev June Mallabon led the morning service, which included the baptisms of Tommy Brooks and Lexi McCowen. The celebration of Holy Communion took place during the service. The organist was Janice Weatherall. The evening service was taken by Terry Day and the pianist was Janice Weatherall.

Saturday: there will be the monthly prayer meeting in the vestry at 9.30pm, also the NCH Tuppenny Rush Event and mini coffee morning between 10am and noon in the school room. Be part of a World Record Attempt to collect the most 2p's in two hours to raise money for National Children's Homes.

Sunday: Duncan Palmer will lead the service at 10.45am. The evening service will be led by the Rev June Mallabon, which will be a united service with St George's Church at 6.30pm.

St George's Church

FIRST Sunday Praise was led this week by the Sunday Club and helpers and proved to be an enlightening evening.

St George's Church Summer Fair is on Saturday and everyone is welcome. There will be a variety of stalls, including a local fruit and vegetable stall, ice creams, and lunches will be available. The Breckland Handbell ringers will be performing from midday. Also, this year, we have a special even called Ted's Tower Challenge - bring your Ted, Barbie, Ken, Bratz or Action Man for the challenge where they will be hauled to the top of the church tower in a basket and then swoop back down in an exciting ride on a rope slide. All successful participants will receive a certificate to commemorate the great moment.

Sunday: 8am - Holy Communion; 10am - Parish Eucharist.

Tuesday: End of Term Pram Service at 1.45pm.

Wednesday: The Society of Mary, Ward of Our Lady of Mount Carmel will be holding a service of Vespers and Benediction at 8pm. All are welcome to join them.


LITTLEPORT, Ely and District Spiritualists would like to welcome everyone to this week's Divine Service which begins at 7.30pm with Joyce Gobbet as our guest medium. Meetings are held on Thursdays at the village hall in Main Street. Doors open at 6.40pm for spiritual healing, which takes place from 6.45pm till 7.25pm.

The following week, the visiting medium is Myra Basey.

The service is followed by a raffle (donations always welcome please) and light refreshments are served. Please stay and join us. Everyone welcome,

INFO: For further information, www.mjgoodall.co.uk which will link you to our web page. Alternatively, call Wendie on 01353 667300

Vine Community Church

SERVICES for Sunday: music and worship, and sermon by pastor Don Gee at 10.30am. Youth and children's Sunday School is provided during the sermon. Tea and coffee and fellowship after the service.

Small groups will be meeting in their dedicated homes this week.

INFO: contact Pastor Gee on 01353 860885or 01638 780457.


Methodist Church

THE preacher at Sunday morning's worship at 10am was the Rev Bill Jenkins who is on an exchange visit from Texas. The Rev Jenkins was accompanied by his wife Loretta. Friends from Exning, Burwell and Wicken joined us for worship and stayed to share lunch. George Ginn led worship at 6.30pm

Thursday: Prayer meeting, which is held fortnightly at 10.30am, will be led by our

Friday: Bingo at The Causeway Centre in Soham starts at 6.45pm. Proceeds for the Restoration & Refurbishment Fund.

Sunday: Ian Weatherall, from Littleport, will lead the service at 10am. Richard Dean (Ely) at 6.30 pm.

Heartbeat Health Walk

FOR the past two Mondays, the walkers have enjoyed a change of scenery walking along by the Soham Lode.

Phoenix Club

ON Wednesday, 15 members of the club enjoyed an outing to Hunstanton. Thanks go to Viv Hancock for organising the outing.

Over 60's Club

RUTH Ginn welcomed members to the club on Friday afternoon. Unfortunately the speaker failed to arrive, so Ruth's husband George agreed to give a talk on his involvement with Deniva the new mobile warden scheme, which operates very successfully in Soham. The announcements were given out and Vera Seal organised the raffle. Refreshments were served and the meeting closed with the singing of the club hymn.

Soham Bowls Club

ON Wednesday, president Ken Chapman and members of the club welcomed the Lancashire vice-presidents who are on a bowls tour in Cambridgeshire. Six games of triples were played, resulting in a win for the visitors. Following the game, everyone enjoyed food prepared by Susan Taylor and Helen Fordham. Ken thanked the visitors for a great evening and wished them well for the remainder of their tour. He also thanked the ladies who prepared the food and the ladies who donated the trifles.

Soham won on one rink and the players each received a small gift from Ken, as did the team who lost by the most shots

Soham Motors Cup

ON Saturday evening, 20 players took part in the second game in the Soham Motors Competition. Three games of six ends were played in the round robin format. Following the games of bowls, everyone enjoyed supper provided and cooked by Ken and Joan Chapman. Roger Bayes welcomed Maureen and Phillip Talbot to the club and on behalf of everyone, and thanked Joan and Ken for a lovely supper. The scores were added for the two games and at present Phillip Hobbs has 46points and Roger Bayes 40points.The final game is on August 9.

Soham The Fen and Barway WI

PRESIDENT Sheila Knight welcomed members to the meeting in the Mill View room at Keith Leonard House. Aurdrey Rice was welcomed back after her recent stay in hospital. Names were taken for the visit to the Burwell Museum next month. Yvonne Long welcomed the speaker, Lacy Anderson, who is better known for entertaining with his digital accordion, but this time he gave an informative talk on the history of the river Cam. Members were invited to ask questions. Gwen Bridgeman thanked Lacy on behalf of the members. Lacy's latest CD was on sale. Refreshments were served and Sheila organised the raffle. Yvonne read two amusing tales, bringing the meeting to a close. The speaker at the September meeting will be historian Lynne Turner.


Over 60's Club

THIRTY members were present at our club meeting on July 2 in the church hall, for our summer party with a buffet, prepared by Daphne Ellwood. Dorothy Perry and Jean East prepared everything from sandwiches to truffles. We also had a special draw, with some very nice prizes. Bingo was also played and enjoyed. Birthday greetings were sung for Kathleen Brickwood and Jean Wakefield.

The meeting closed with the club hymn.


Conservation Society

THE weather has been great for gardens, but devastating for the nesting birds on the Ouse Washes. This is the second year they have been flooded out and nests ruined. Hopefully some will have survived on the managed areas at the Welches Dam reserve. Dedicated bird watchers were out in early June at the Gault, as a Whiskered Tern has been spotted, I didn't see it but had a great sighting of an Egret and a Marsh Harrier was hunting along the dykes, so I was not disappointed to miss the unshaven tern. Although it is very muddy along the riverbank nearest to the village, especially at the Mepal end, the other riverbanks are fairly dry. You get magnificent sunsets on a clear evening as well.

Sutton Escapade

THIS event is being held on Saturday, August 30, from 11am-4pm at The Glebe.

From lace bobbins and landscapes to drawings and daleks. Watercolour and oil painting, ceramic art, art on glass, art in wood, textile art, floral art, culinary art, modern art, craftsmen, village memorabilia, youth challenge, dance, old fashioned slide shows, stalls and daleks. A day not to be missed. Entrance: £1 adults, 50p per children. Details of youth challenge and the offer of any memorabilia for display, contact Alan Warner 01353 777738, e-mail adw152@yahoo.co.uk Day in support of the new hut fund of 1st Sutton Cambs Scout group.

Tithe Sale and Yoof Group café

The Tithe Sale and Yoof Group Café will take place on Saturday, August 2 at

St Andrew's Church, from 10am- 12.30pm

Meet your friends, grab a bargain, and visit the café run by the youth group

Stallholders- no pitch fee, just donate 10 percent of your profit contact Rose or Kelvin 01353 777446.

250 Club

THE 250 Club raises funds to restore St Andrew's Church. In June, the £30 prize was won by Mr D Sutton.

1st Sutton Cambs Scout Group

THE Scouts are serving tea on Saturday, 11am till 3pm at 12 Fairfield Sutton.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, cakes, garden games. All proceeds are for the new scout hut fund.

Garden Club

OUR speaker on Wednesday June 11 was Josh Drake, who had been asked to help in researching and restoring the Ottoman Gardens in Istanbul.

Our mini show will be on Wednesday, July 23. There is no Garden Club meeting in August, so our next meeting will be on Wednesday, September 10 when we welcome the return of Bill Morris with a talk entitled 'fellow travellers' in the greenhouse and surrounding areas.


St Andrew's Church

THE Rev Teresa Dixon led the Family Service on Sunday, the lesson was read by Deborah Powell, and Enid Bedford led the intercessions. On Tuesdays, there is Holy Communion at 10am and on Wednesdays, morning prayer is at 9.30am.

On Friday, the Baby Café will meet in the hall at 9.30am, with mothers and carers for music, crafts and worship time. The Sunday School meets at 10.30am in the school term except when there is a family service. The next family service will be on August 3. There will be a Toddler Praise service at 10am on Wednesday, July 16.

Baptist Church

LAST Sunday, Roy Barton, from Cambridge, led our worship and communion service.

Sunday: service at 10.30am will be conducted by Bob and June Earl from Willingham.

A warm welcome to all.