What a weskit! Auctioneer David tries on his new award winning waistcoat

ELY auctioneer David Palmer - renown for his colourful waistcoats when appearing on TV - has a stunning new weskit to add to his collection.

David was presented with the patchwork creation by members of Cottenham WI, who had made the garment after winning a design competition.

The competition was launched back in the spring, when antiques expert David, often to be seen on TV programmes such as Flog It! visited a group meeting of WI ladies.

Designer Pat Labistour said: “A competition was launched to design David a waistcoat, and because I lead a craft group at Cottenham WI, I was asked to come up with our contribution.

“I knew he loved flamboyant waistcoats, so I came up with a patchwork design with antiques in each panel, and it won the competition.

“David said that if we would make the waistcoat, he would wear it, so I got a group of 15 volunteers together, and our president Rita Williams got David’s measurements.

“Another member donated a box of fabrics, and we used them to applique the design. The pattern includes a grandfather clock, a chair, an oil lamp, some Moorcroft pottery and some Clarice Cliff ceramics, and an ivory gavel.

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“We are now looking forward to seeing David on TV, wearing our waistcoat.”

David, a freelance auctioneer for a number of auction houses, said: “My new waistcoat is seriously cool, and I will be wearing it for the first time at an auction in Bury St Edmunds.

“I certainly hope to wear it next time I appear on television.”