WESTWELL OF ELY: Our health is not a money making matter!

Ely Standard columnist Rosemary Westwell,

Ely Standard columnist Rosemary Westwell, - Credit: Archant

I have it on good authority that the powers that be in our Clinical Commissioning Group for the NHS have greater and, as they see it, more noble causes of being ‘committed to the future business viability and sustainability of GP practices’ than looking after us.

While the village of Witchford cries out for a doctors’ surgery, the spokesperson of the Local Commissioning Group says that ‘the opening of new services in smaller communities is not considered to be the future direction of primary care commissioning’.

Why not, I ask? The Clinical Commissioning website suggests that we, the local patients, will have a say in our health care. So why can’t we have what we need?

It is common knowledge that our current doctors’ surgeries are under too much pressure and when the proposed developments occur, it will be even harder for our current doctors’ surgeries to cope and for us to be able to see a doctor at all.

It’s time the Clinical Commissioning Group got down from its high horse and concentrated on providing enough doctors and surgeries for all of us to have reasonable access. It might save a few lives and what could be more valuable than a life?

More to the point, who on earth ever thought that the NHS could be run as a business?

The NHS is free at the point of delivery. Which successful business do you know provides its services free? Of course there is not enough money.

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That is because looking after our health can never be a profitable business; it is a service that we have paid for and are still paying for with our National Insurance contributions.

Some doctors have up to 1,800 patients in their care. Imagine being responsible for the same number of people? It sounds impossible to me, so no wonder the whole system is under pressure.

Forget business viability and sustainability of GP practices, I say, concentrate on people viability and sustainability instead.

Apparently the secret is out. Trump’s doctor says that his hair is the result of him taking a drug that prevents baldness.

Unfortunately for Trump, one of the side effects of the drug is mental confusion.

Need I say more?