It's a time for anniversaries - we have plenty here in Littleport

Ely Roller Skating Club Tots to Espoir level skaters. Back L-R Belle, Eloise, Mallory Front L-R Addison, Evie, Charlotte. 

Ely Roller Skating Club Tots to Espoir level skaters. Back L-R Belle, Eloise, Mallory Front L-R Addison, Evie, Charlotte. - Credit: Ely Roller Skating Club

Everyone knows that the Queen and the country celebrates her Platinum Jubilee this year – but not everyone knows that some of Littleport’s clubs have anniversaries too. 

For example, our Biker Club, 363MCC has a tin/aluminium one, Slimming World its silver and the flower club its diamond! 

Ten years ago, Mark Robinson started the 363MCC named in honour of the five Littleport men who were hanged after the Littleport Riot in 1816.  

363 is 1816 divided by 5…  And to have some biking fun while raising money for local charities.   

Twenty-five years ago, Sharon Heaps having been a regular at the SW sessions, was asked by the then convenor who was going back to America if she fancied taking on her role. 

Sharon was given the company’s diamond award this year too. Slimming World meets at the Littleport ex-servicemen’s club Tuesday mornings 9-10.30am and in the evening at LECA 5.30-7pm. 

And 60 years ago, the flower club began its meetings on the 3rd Friday night of every month, with expert flower arrangers demonstrating the art to a gathering that has always been enthusiastic.  

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It’s well worth joining and there’s sixty years of welcome to prove that! 

Littleport is well-set up for every kind of sociable interaction and loves collecting money for good causes at the same time as enjoying ourselves.  

For instance, this Friday, July 29, Littleport leisure centre is host to Hills Road Cambridge student Katie Hughes’ sporting fundraiser for Sport in Mind, the mental health charity.  

Katie says: “You can pop in and out, come for an hour or the whole day, it’s up to you”   

From 9am to 3pm you can donate £4 for adults and £2 for a child at reception and take part in any number of activities including table tennis, badminton, carpet bowls or for the very young, open from 9-1pm, soft play. 

And Ely Roller Skating Club run a session for beginners from age 5 to much older, on Saturdays from 1-2pm. 

Don’t forget this Sunday’s family fun day at the Littleport ex- servicemen’s club from 3pm and as you walk in, the 14-18, 39-45 Roll of Honour on the wall in the lobby, has names from the same families who participated, and some who lost people, in that 1816 riot too.