A sunny Saturday ended with rain throughout Cambridgeshire on Sunday.

But despite the mixed conditions over the weekend – including a yellow thunderstorm warning for parts of eastern England on Sunday night – Cambridgeshire is set to experience balmy 24C sunshine on Tuesday (May 17) and settled conditions throughout this week.

And the Met Office's long-range forecast suggests that the four-day Queen's Platinum Jubilee weekend – which begins on Thursday, June 2 – will be warm and dry.

According to the national forecaster, Tuesday, May 17 is likely to begin with sunshine throughout Cambridgeshire, which will turn cloudy at around 1pm.

Sunshine is set to return in the evening, with brighter spells in St Neots, Huntingdon and Whittlesey from 4pm.

Wednesday is due to see some cloud in south-west Cambridgeshire, with sunshine over Ely, March and Wisbech at midday – highs of 22C.

Met Office forecasters say Thursday, Friday and Saturday's weather is likely to be cooler with clouds and scattered showers.

A high pollen count is expected this week.

Similar conditions are also forecast for beaches and coastlines in Norfolk and Lincolnshire, with high tides at Hunstanton, Norfolk at 7.45am and 8.03pm on Tuesday, May 17, and at 10.37am and 11.33pm on Saturday, May 21, according to tidetimes.org.uk.

At Cromer, Norfolk, Tuesday's high tides are due at 7.59am and 8.16pm, while in Skegness, Lincolnshire, they are at 7.40am and 7.58pm.

In London, a yellow thunderstorm warning was in place overnight, with a small chance of flooding and lighting strikes.

The capital is set to brighten up on Tuesday with highs of 25C, before returning to more mild conditions by Friday.

The Met Office's long-range forecast for May 30 until June 13 reads: "There is a trend towards more settled patterns and overall drier conditions for the beginning of this period.

"This will generally lead to fine and dry weather across much of the UK, but some showers or longer spells of rain are still possible in places.

"Temperatures will probably be warm or very warm at first but may become nearer to average though mid-June, with some warm spells remaining possible."