Wear a helmet and stay safe, pupils told by staff from Fen House

PUPILS from Little Downham Feoffees School were encouraged to wear safety helmets for cycling, scootering and horse riding when they were given a talk about brain injury.

Nicola Webb and Azi Berzengi, from Fen House in Ely, part of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust, spoke to the youngsters about staying safe when enjoying various pursuits.

Nicola, a rehabilitation support worker, said: “Very few children raised their hands when they were first asked how any of them wore their safety helmets. By the end of the session, 98% of the children said that they would start or continue to wear one. I felt really pleased that the children had listened and learnt so much.”

Nicola added: “I have seen cases where motorbikes and cycles have been involved in road traffic accidents, and if the rider had been wearing a safety helmet, the outcome would have been very different.

“Hopefully the children will all wear their helmets from now on, and have a fantastic summer holiday doing the activities they love, safely.”