We still don’t know the full truth of what happened to murdered Cambridge student Guilio Regeni, says MEP Alex Mayer

Alex Mayer in the European Parliament.

Alex Mayer in the European Parliament. - Credit: Archant

Member of the European Parliament for the East of England Alex Mayer has challenged the EU Foreign affairs chief to provide answers surrounding the murder of Cambridge University student, Guilio Regeni.

Regeni, an Italian PhD student, was abducted and tortured to death in January 25 last year, and Ms Mayer says there are too many unanswered questions surrounding his death.

“People in Cambridge in were deeply shocked by Guilio’s brutal death,” she said.

“But this was not a crime that resonated not only across Cambridgeshire, but also Italy and the whole of Europe.

“One year on, we still don’t know the full truth of what happened to Guilio.”

The Labour MEP has written to the EU Foreign Affairs chief calling for a new strategy to assist academics studying in potentially dangerous countries.

“His family and friends deserve to know what happened,” Ms Mayer added.

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“Guilio’s murder also raises wider questions about academic freedom. British researchers have long travelled the globe undertaking vital fieldwork in difficult locations where there are unstable governments or where authoritarian regimes are in power. Academics need protection for democracy to flourish.

“The British and Italian Governments must push more strongly for a full and independent investigation into Guilio’s murder and the people responsible to be brought to justice. We need the truth and we need to send a message that academic freedom matters.”

The event will take place in the European Parliament in Brussels next Wednesday (25) at 2.50pm.