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ECDC - Credit: Archant

East Cambs goes to the polls on May 7 and there are 125 candidates battling it out for a seat on the district council

This year sees the return of former council leader Fred Brown to the political arena: he is standing in Littleport West, though he is no longer under the Conservative banner. For this election, Mr Brown, who lost his seat in 2010, will stand as an independent.

Littleport West looks set to be one of the most hotly contested seats, with eight candidates vying for two available seats.

But Haddenham looks to be the fiercest battleground, where 13 candidates are standing for three seats, including local author Rosemary Westwell, who has chosen not to represent a political grouping.

The Green Party is putting forward 10 candidates for election across the district, while UKIP, which has also enjoyed a surge in national exposure, will field only four, including Twink Allen, the father-in-law to jockey Frankie Dettori.

As it stands the Conservatives have control of the council, with 23 councillors, with the Liberal Democrats represented by 10 councillors, five councillors are independent and one councillor is unaligned.

BOTTISHAM (Two elected)

Most Read

Steven Aronson (Liberal Democrat)

Vince Campbell (Conservative)

David John Harold Chaplin (Conservative)

Elizabeth Margaret Ann Mitchell (Liberal Democrat)

Steven John O’Dell (Labour)

Barbara Joan Philips (Labour)

BURWELL (Three elected)

Michael Allan (Conservative)

David Brown (Conservative)

Alex Dawson (Labour)

Lavinia Rebecca Edwards (Conservative)

Pauline Ann Rogers (Liberal Democrat)

Hilary Blanche Sage (Labour)

Liz Swift (Labour)

Alan Warner (Green)

Hazel Williams (Liberal Democrat)

Brenda Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

CHEVELEY (Two elected)

Twink Allen (UKIP)

Jenny Anne Bailey (Liberal Democrat)

Joanna Burnett (Liberal Democrat)

Peter Frank Cresswell (Conservative)

Ben Hewitt (Labour)

Gemma Hewitt (Labour)

Mathew Gauntlet Shuter (Conservative)


Anna Marie Bailey (Conservative)

Mike Bradley (Conservative)

Tony Goodge (Independent)

DULLINGHAM (One elected)

Robin Hay (Labour)

Jennifer Susan Liddle (Liberal Democrat)

Chris Morris (Conservative)

ELY EAST (Two elected)

Ruth Barber (Labour)

Gemma Bristow (Green)

Lis Every (Conservative)

Jane Frances (Labour)

Richard John Hobbs (Conservative)

Dian Esther Warman (Liberal Democrat)

Kevin Wilkins (Liberal Democrat)

ELY NORTH (Three elected)

Marie Adams (Labour)

Chika Bilikisu Akinwale (Liberal Democrat)

Andrew Allen (Green)

Peter John Bunten (Labour)

Clemency Butler (Labour)

Elaine Griffin-Singh (Conservative)

Lindsey Anne Harris (Liberal Democrat)

Andy Pearson (Conservative)

Mike Rouse (Conservative)

Alison Christine Whelan (Liberal Democrat)

ELY SOUTH (Two elected)

Sarah Jane Fraser (Labour)

Madeleine Louise Funnell (Liberal Democrat)

Coralie Green (Conservative)

Tom Hunt (Conservative)

Richard Gareth Llewelyn Morgan (Liberal Democrat)

Theresa Panton (Labour)

ELY WEST (Two elected)

Sue Austen (Liberal Democrat)

Paul Bloomfield (Labour)

Andy Cogan (Green)

Neil Hitchin (Conservative)

Philip Ronald Kratz (Conservative)

Colby-John Smith (Green)

James Martyn Francis Taylor (Labour)

Christine Whelan (Liberal Democrat)


Julia Denise Huffer (Conservative)

Anthea Mary Maybury (Liberal Democrat)

Karen Anita Relton (Liberal Democrat)

Josh Schumann (Conservative)

Reuben Smith (Labour)

Debra Toulmin (Labour)

HADDENHAM (Three elected)

Rob Bayley (Labour)

Carol Bigsby (UKIP)

Steve Cheetham (Conservative)

Max Counter (Green)

Victor William Ford (Labour)

Christopher Richard Horne (Labour)

Mark Hugo (Conservative)

Sandra Joyce Sharp (Liberal Democrat)

Stuart Muir Smith (Conservative)

Rosemary Joan Westwell (No description)

Gareth Laurence Philip Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Pauline Angela Wilson (Liberal Democrat)

Tom Winch (Green)

ISLEHAM (One elected)

Derrick Sidney Beckett (No description)

Val Bray (Liberal Democrat)

Oliver Hill (Labour)


David Ian Ambrose Smith (Conservative)

Anthony John Browne (Green)

Ruth Palmer (Liberal Democrat)

Jo Webber (Conservative)

Andy Wright (Independent)


Christine Mary Ambrose Smith (Conservative)

Fred Brown (Independent)

Paul Michael Cox (Conservative)

Daniel Richard Divine (UKIP)

Darrell Edwin Gardiner (Independent)

Lyn Guest De Swarte (Liberal Democrat)

James Julian Lee (Independent)

Neil Morrison (Liberal Democrat)

SOHAM NORTH (Two elected)

Jean Gross (Labour)

Allison Margaret Morris (Labour)

James Philip Palmer (Conservative)

Lesley Phillips (Liberal Democrat)

Carol Betty Sennitt (Conservative)

Charles Warner (Liberal Democrat)

SOHAM SOUTH (Three elected)

Ian Richard Bovington (Conservative)

Maura Frances Castling (Liberal Democrat)

Colin William Fordham (Independent)

Liam Hawkins (Labour)

Jason Masters (Liberal Democrat)

Nicola Jayne Masters (Liberal Democrat)

Sarah Norman (Labour)

Hamish Charles Henry Ross (Conservative)

Dan Schumann (Conservative)

Mike Swift (Labour)

STRETHAM (Two elected)

Susie Fentiman (Liberal Democrat)

Bill Hunt (Conservative)

Fiona Mckay-Rae (Liberal Democrat)

Matthew Moore (Labour)

Dave Pitt (Green)

Charles George John Roberts (Conservative)

Kelly Shiner (Labour)

SUTTON (Two elected)

Pete Bigsby (UKIP)

Andrew Cohen (Green)

Lorna Helen Dupre (Liberal Democrat)

Lisa Ann Maria Stubbs (Conservative)

David William Wright (Liberal Democrat)

THE SWAFFHAMS (One elected)

Allen Wesley Alderson (Conservative)

Charlotte Kathryn Bourne Cane (Liberal Democrat)

Mark Edward Lewinski (Labour)