Warning after spate of thefts

POLICE have appealed to residents in East Cambridgeshire to be on alert after a recent increase in the thefts of two very specific items.

Officers said that the thefts of car number plates and garden ornaments, particularly chimineas, have increased in recent weeks and have urged residents to ensure they are protected.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman said: “Car owners are advised to use anti-tamper screws to secure their index plates and stop them being stolen. Once the screws have been fitted, they cannot be removed using a normal screw driver.

“Although index plate theft is not a significant issue in East Cambs at present, these thefts have risen over the past month and we are keen to advise the public that there is a simple solution to combating this crime by securing number plates with one security screw on each plate.”

Officers added that while theft of the plates remained a relatively minor crime, their subsequent use to commit other crime, such as making off without paying from petrol stations, meant it was important to clamp down.

The spokesman also added that the theft of garden ornaments had seen a recent increase, with metal items such as chimineas, taken for their scrap value.

“Householders are advised not to leave desirable garden equipment on display within their garden,” the spokesman said.

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“There has been an increase of theft with chimineas being targeted. Although this is not a significant crime, once again, it causes inconvenience and financial loss. We advise that all items of value are secured out of sight reducing the opportunity for them to be stolen.”

INFO: Any resident concerned about their property being stolen can register their iteams free of charge at www.immobilise.com.