WAR ON DRUGS: Two men arrested for being in possession of cannabis after police raid at Kingfisher Drive, Soham leads to street chase

Police enter the property. Operation Edison, Cambridgeshire Police conduct drug warrants at various

Police enter the property. Operation Edison, Cambridgeshire Police conduct drug warrants at various addresses in Cambridgeshire, Kingfisher Drive, Soham 27/04/2016. Picture by Terry Harris. - Credit: Terry Harris Photography

Two men were arrested for being in possession of a class B drug, namely cannabis, during a police raid in Soham.

The warrant, carried out at Kingfisher Drive as part of Operation Edison on Wednesday April 27, led to the recovery of approximately 10 ½ ounces or 300 grams of cannabis.

Depending on the purity of the drug, the total value could exceed £1,000.

A sum of money, not in excess of £200, was also seized on the night.

After a briefing at Ely Police Station we headed out under the dark and gloomy skies of East Cambridgeshire towards Soham.

Following a police car and an undercover vehicle, we found ourselves in the quiet, residential estate of Kingfisher Drive.

Despite wet weather, the adrenaline level remained high as the team of four police officers was quietly let in at the front door.

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Charging up the stairs of the newly built flats to the top floor, the door was immediately opened by the occupants after hearing a knock on the door.

Whilst the door was left ajar, the television could be heard, as well as a barking dog – luckily in its cage.

Once officers made entry they found two women – one believed to be an Avon representative – and a male, who would be detained a few hours later.

Outside of the flat a ‘Home Sweet Home’ welcome mat is laid, giving the impression of a family home: it was believed that a child may be living at the property however this was unconfirmed.

At first the male tried to reason with officers, saying: “I got stitched up with some bits. I’ll be honest and bring it out to show you.”

As it later unfolded, around half a shoebox of cannabis was recovered, along with a wad of £20 notes and some scales.

After starting to conduct a full search of the flat, officers were interrupted not once, but twice…

Firstly, at around 8.20pm a pizza deliver turned up. Completely unaware as to what was going on he was briefly talked to “checking that he is delivering fast food and nothing else”.

After that interruption the team carried on with the search; one officer going in and out of the flat, returning with a large suitcase to remove the illegal substances a little while later.

But what came next was the discovery of the night, after an energetic foot chase around the street…

The door goes, and as a man wearing paint-splattered overalls slowly makes his way up the windy, blue-carpeted staircase, he soon senses that it’s a case of ‘wrong place, wrong time’.

Opening the door one of the policemen asked: “Who are you then?” the man in question replies “no-one” and begins to sprint back downstairs and out the door – not quick enough though as the officers shout “RUNNER!” and set about chasing after him.

Following close by, it’s an adrenaline-fuelled five minutes as the team storm around the otherwise peaceful estate in pursuit of the man who seems like he has something to hide.

It seems as if he might have gotten away… if it wasn’t for a pair of beige Timberland boots sitting loose (one knocked over) in the middle of the road, just as another police car turns up to join the action.

Shortly after, the police team have him in handcuffs on the dewy field grass, as well as a Co-op bag full of cannabis that is now in the hands of the law.

One of the officers reportedly got their tazer out but decided not to use it for fear of impacting his colleague who was in close range.

Heading back towards the flats, it’s an hour wait in the dark hall for the police to complete their original search.

After a while a man is led out, down the stairs and into a police van to be questioned at the police station for being in possession of a class b drug.

“We get that a lot,” said one of the police team, “people say things like ‘East Cambridgeshire is really quiet, nothing happens around here’...

The two people arrested have been released on bail because a possession with intent to supply charge requires drug analysis for purity and value.

Police also wanted to download the content of the seized mobile phones.

Both have been bailed until June 9.