WAR ON DRUGS: Fourth and final day of Operation Edison: a raid in Littleport brings more arrests as East Cambridgeshire Police’s anti-drug operation comes to a close

Operation Edison, Cambridgeshire Police conduct the last of 4 warrants searching for drugs., Ely, Li

Operation Edison, Cambridgeshire Police conduct the last of 4 warrants searching for drugs., Ely, Littleport, 29/04/2016Picture by Terry Harris. - Credit: Terry Harris Photography

Yet more arrests were made in Littleport as the curtain came down on East Cambridgeshire Police’s latest operation in their crackdown on drug related crime - Operation Edison.

The operation, spearheaded by Sergeant Phil Priestley, invited members of the media along to co-ordinated raids throughout East Cambridgeshire, with the final one taking place in Littleport on Friday evening.

It’s a case of perfect timing at the final of East Cambridgeshire Police’s four raids, as the occupant of the semi-detached house on New River Bank Road opposite the Great River Ouse drives down her driveway just as officers arrive.

Unlike yesterday’s raid, today’s suspect is aggressive; swearing and pleading with officers to ‘let her see go and see her girl’ after she is detained getting out of her car.

The house has a long driveway, leading to a double garage, with a white transit van parked outside. The remains of a pink child’s seat lie in the front yard of the house.

As the female suspect is detained, the other officers on the scene swoop through the front door of the house, meticulously checking every room and corner, before detaining another suspect - this time a male.

Intelligence before the raid suggested a child would be in the property, and moments later a young boy, no more than four years old, followed by a girl of a similar age are collected from the scene.

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Both are in their pyjamas, and are driven away by relatives.

Shortly afterwards, a bullmastiff pokes its head out the side entrance to the property, before also being collected from the house.

As officers search inside the property for drugs and stolen goods, two more return to the house’s driveway to search the silver Ford Mondeo the suspect arrived in.

Donning plastic gloves, the officers root through the car’s boot and glove box, as well as inspecting footwells and wheel arches.

Only shopping bags, books, a spare tyre and oddly, a shower cap are found as attentions soon turn back to inside the house.

It’s later discovered that quantities of both class A and B drugs were found - namely cocaine - and drug-related paraphernalia, such as weighing scales.

Officers also confirm the discovery of a large quantity of cash - reported to be several thousands of pounds - in the property, which, according to the suspects, was to be used to pay rent.

Sgt Phil Priestley said: “Officers entered the premises at New River Bank Road, Littleport at slightly after 1800hrs. A thorough search of the premises presented evidence of drug dealing and class A drugs (cocaine powder) and class B drugs (herbal cannabis) were seized from the location.

“In addition there were signs and symptoms of drug preparation on the property. A quantity of cash thought to be slightly less than £2,000 has been seized.

“A man and woman have been arrested on suspicion of being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs. They have been detained at the Police Investigation Centre at Kings Lynn overnight and will be interviewed later today.

“I anticipate that both will be detained for approximately a month on police bail pending analysis of digital media and the controlled substances.”