Volunteers step forward to stop rubbish dumping problem at Littleport charity shop

Branching out, Littleport.

Branching out, Littleport. - Credit: Archant

A story about bags dumped in the doorway of a Littleport charity shop has prompted volunteers to step forward to open the shop on Sundays to take in donations.

Fly tipping at Branching Out in Littleport

Fly tipping at Branching Out in Littleport - Credit: Archant

Branching Out aims to make it easier for people to drop donations to stop the dumping problem.

General manager Susan Wiggans said: “Several people in the community via Facebook have volunteered to undergo training as volunteers so that they can open the shop on a Sunday for the purpose of taking in donations.

“That should ensure that anyone working during the week can take their donations directly into the shop on Sunday’s once we have got them all trained and organised it.

“There will be no excuse then for people to leave donations outside the shop.”

She said that when things are dumped on the doorstep most of the good items got stolen and bags were rifled through.

“If it rains the goods become soaked. It blocks the door and means sorting out donations takes twice as long for our volunteers,” she said.

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Branching Out offer a programme of varied activities for adults with learning disabilities and the community and also provides transport.

In 2003 the group opened its first charity shop in Littleport and in 2007 they opened a new building at the head office to provide a kitchen and dining area, a utility room, and more toilets.