Volunteers brave hot coals for charity

A LANDLADY had her regulars hauled across the coals recently ... but it was all in the name of charity.

Tracy Robinson, publican at the White Horse in Witcham, joined 12 regulars as they walked across burning embers for charity.

And the brave volunteers managed to raise a whopping �3000 for the Little Heroes cancer charity to boot.

The idea for the event might have been dreamt up by Tracey and friends on a normal night in the pub but she admits that preparing to walk across yards of searing coals was anything but normal.

“It was red hot, it looked like a barbeque,” said Tracey. “When they did a temperature check it was 1500 degrees, I was petrified.

“We all had a go though, and it was the most amazing experience ever, it didn’t hurt a bit and nobody has any blisters.”

Plans are already afoot for their next charity challenge, with Tracy hoping to organise a walk across broken glass early next year.

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“I’ve already got a list of volunteers,” Tracy added.