Visitors to Ely fireworks will be asked to help find Dotty the missing cat

AN Ely couple is hoping that visitors to the city’s firework event on Saturday can help them find their beloved missing cat Dotty.

William Jarvis and Emilia Bowzyk will be handing out photos and leaflets before the fireworks begin, and have put out an appeal through the social network site Facebook.

William said: “We have already delivered 275 leaflets to our neighbours. On Saturday we have organised a Facebook event for about 4pm, meeting near the Maltings. We hope that people will help us look for Dotty before the fireworks begin.

“Emilia is distraught that Dotty is missing, and whatever has happened, we need closure. She has wandered off before, but this is the longest she has every been missing.”

Dotty is a two year old black cat with a white underside, and a black dot on her nose. She wears a pink collar with decorative pendants and a bell on it.

The couple have set up a public Facebook group called “Have you seen Dotty? William added: “She is a very friendly cat, and went missing from our home in Cardinals Way on October 26.

“She is very inquisitive, so I think we may have wandered into a garage or outbuilding. Last time she went missing, we found her in the car park near the cathedral.”