Big hopes for fascinating book on Little Downham

A resident from Little Downham has praised the reaction he has received after publishing a book on the village's history.

Robin Pearl's idea to publish a book on the history of Little Downham stemmed when he shared photographs, such as the bakery staff of Mr A. J. Sennitt and his family from the Ely Standard newspaper (pictured), on social media. - Credit: Supplied/Robin Pearl

A resident whose book, which shows how a village has changed and developed in the last 50 to 70 years, said it has been received “as well as I could have hoped”. 

Robin Pearl, of Little Downham near Ely, has compiled photographs of streets, buildings and memories from villagers and their families to publish ‘A History of the Parish of Little Downham’. 

The idea stemmed after Robin attracted global attention when he shared past photographs of residents’ houses and general life in the village last year, obtained from local people and his own research. 

The 210-page book also aims to focus on the past of surrounding areas, including Pymoor and the Hundred Foot Bank. 

A book has been published on the history of Little Downham near Ely.

Robin Pearl has published 'A History of the Parish of Little Downham', which stemmed after sharing past photographs and memories of village streets and buildings last year. - Credit: Supplied/Robin Pearl

“My main aim when I did the original Facebook project, most materials I got was on what people remembered and if they didn’t get written down, they would be forgotten,” he said. 

“Lots of people have said they remember some of the things that are written in the book. It’s worked out as well as I could have hoped.” 

Robin’s book is priced at £10. To buy and for more information, email