VIDEO: MP Steve Barclay demands answers after man’s body dumped next to bins

East of England Ambulance Service.

East of England Ambulance Service. - Credit: Archant

An MP says he is looking for answers after a man’s body was left next to a rubbish bin after paramedics finished their shift.

A whistle-blower told the Ely Standard that the body of Littleport man James Harrison was left next to bins at the Ely ambulance station in September because a night-shift crew wanted to get home on time.

MP Steve Barclay said: “Following disturbing revelations made by a whistle-blower that the deceased body of a constituent had been left next to a rubbish bin in Littleport after paramedics finished their shift, I have been in touch with senior management at the Trust regarding their investigation.

“I am told that the investigation will be conducted by Steve Hibbitt, local manager for North and Central Cambridgeshire.

“We still need to know what the investigation’s timeframes are and to ensure that it clarifies whether this was a terrible isolated case or whether there have been other occasions where bodies have been treated without dignity.

“I will be speaking to senior management at the Ambulance Trust to ensure that the whistle-blower who so clearly acted in the public interest is not penalised in any way.”