Vet saves the life of Burwell woman’s cat - and removes metal pellet -after it was shot by an air rifle

Millie recovering after being shot

Millie recovering after being shot - Credit: Archant

A woman is facing a £1,600 vet’s bill after her 18-month-old cat Millie was shot by an air rifle in an East Cambridgeshire village.

Millie and the vet bill

Millie and the vet bill - Credit: Archant

Police are now investigating the shooting of the cat that happened around 3.30pm on February 25 in Burwell.

Millie’s owners live in Myrtle Drive and police confirmed the cat “was shot by a person using an air rifle.

“The images show the metal pellet that was removed from Millie’s body in a surgical procedure.”

A police spokesman added: “Millie was lucky to survive the incident and her owners have been landed with a vet’s bill for £1,647.92.

Millie and the jar showing the pellet

Millie and the jar showing the pellet - Credit: Archant

“Millie’s owner is exceptionally grateful to their vet for saving the life of their beloved family pet - however you can understand the anger and the emotional distress this offence has caused.”

PC Malcolm Wood, investigating the shooting, said: “This is a horrible offence - an offence of genuine cruelty. I am very keen to speak to any witnesses, or to anyone who has any knowledge of this crime.

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“To anyone who might contemplate committing such an offence out of sport, or because they see what they do as harmless fun – let me assure you it certainly is not.”

“If you can provide us with any information regarding this offence please get in touch as soon as possible”

If you know anything about this incident call 101, or you can provide information anonymously through CrimeStopper by calling 0800 555 11

Millie’s owner said: “She is a beautiful friendly loving and harmless cat. Anyone with any information please let the police know. Thank you.”

The owner said a further £500 was expected on top of the bill shown “but I’m not really worried about that to be honest. My real concern is that someone shot my cat and is still free to shoot at what ever they like.”

She praised her vet “who was fantastic and very on the ball and did what was needed to make Millie comfortable and well”.

Emma Watson posted on the Cambs Police Facebook page: “I’m so sorry that someone else has seen their beloved cat shot.

“I’m just thankful that the beautiful Millie faced a different outcome from KitKat (who was also shot - dead - with a rifle, in Barcham, a few months ago).

“I dearly hope the perpetrator of this crime gets caught.”