Vet pioneers new clinic for frightened felines

Imogen Searle and her timid cat Bagsy, who inspired the Calm Cats Clinic

Imogen Searle and her timid cat Bagsy, who inspired the Calm Cats Clinic - Credit: Archant

Veterinary practices in Witchford and Littleport are pioneering a new type of clinic they hope will help keep frightened cats calm.

The ‘Calm Cats Clinic’ will run for an hour between 2-3pm every Monday afternoon at Johnson and Scott practices, where no other animal species will be booked in.

Johnson and Scott nursing assistant Jacquie Green, said: “Cats can experience high levels of stress when they have to go to the vets for routine treatments such as vaccinations or flea and worm treatments.

“They end up sharing waiting room space with other animal types that they are naturally scared of, and veterinary practices can be noisy, brightly lit places, all things a cat would normally try to avoid

“To try to help stressed out moggies, we are now running a clinic between 2pm and 3pm on Monday afternoons during which there will be no other animal types booked in for routine appointments, the lighting in the waiting room will be subdued and every care will be taken to ensure a pleasant experience for feline shrinking violets.” Cat loving vet Jo Johnson, added: “We are lucky to have a completely self-contained cat ward within the surgery where cats can rest in peace and quiet, away from other, more noisy patients.”

To fetch your sensitive feline along to the ‘Calm Cats Clinic’ contact Johnson and Scott Vets on 01353 634123.