‘Loved and valued volunteer’ shares her special bond with charity

Vanessa Moore (pictured) has been volunteering at EACH's shop in Whittlesey for 10 years

Vanessa Moore (pictured) has been volunteering at EACH's shop in Whittlesey for 10 years. She's "pleased to play her part" knowing the "tremendous" care her grandson is receiving from EACH's Milton hospice. - Credit: EACH

A Cambridgeshire-based charity shop volunteer says she is “pleased to play her part” because of an “extra special bond” that she has with them. 

70-year-old Vanessa Moore, a volunteer for East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices (EACH) charity shop in Whittlesey, has a 13-year-old grandson called Joseph who continues to receive care from EACH at their Milton hospice. 

She feels it was “written in the stars” that she would support the charity one day. 

That special bond started in 2011, and it’s continued to grow ever since. 

“I can’t praise the organisation enough,” she said. 

Joseph was born with tuberous sclerosis – a rare genetic condition that causes mainly non-cancerous tumours to develop in different parts of the body. 

He developed them in his brain and, as well as receiving care from EACH, he’s also spent time at Addenbrooke’s and Great Ormond Street Hospital’s. 

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“My grandson and our family have been helped tremendously by EACH,” said Vanessa. 

“They’ve been a comfort all the way through. The hospices are marvellous places. 

“It’s about creating memories and living life to the full.” 

Vanessa was walking through Whittlesey shortly before EACH’s shop opened there in July 2011 and was keen to get involved. 

Vanessa Moore (pictured) felt it was "written in the stars" that she would support EACH one day.

Vanessa Moore (pictured) felt it was "written in the stars" that she would support EACH one day. - Credit: EACH

“I did some steaming and sorting to start with but it was when I started working on the till that I really fell in love with it," she said.

“I would have done some kind of volunteering anyway, but having the connection I have is very important to me.” 

Vanessa, who lives in Coates, recently received her ten-year service badge and works in the shop on Wednesday mornings. 

She’s described as a “very loved and valued volunteer” by shop manager Sue Reeves. 

In terms of volunteering, Vanessa believes she gets a lot from it and would recommend it to anyone 

She said: “Charities can find something that particularly suits an individual in line with their strengths and interests. 

“I’ll do anything that helps though, and it’s always a fun, busy environment. 

“It’s very much a case of the more the merrier and we’re always needing more volunteers.” 

EACH has recently launched a 'we need you’ campaign which runs until January 28. 

The aim is to recruit more shop volunteers like Vanessa.