Ukraine Lifeline 'still needs support' despite drop-off closure

Inside Ukraine Lifeline warehouse and volunteer Paul Addison

Members of the public are now being advised by Ukraine Lifeline to help the group's efforts in different ways, including fundraising events, as drop-off points will close. Inset: volunteer Paul Addison after the Brighton Marathon. - Credit: Terry Harris/Ukraine Lifeline

Over £2.5 million of donations have now been gifted to Ukraine Lifeline as it prepares to take a new approach to help the country. 

The group, which operates from its main depot in Pymoor, also received a £3,000 grant from AstraZeneca’s community partnership programme which will go towards transport costs and essential items. 

It also surpassed the £2.5m mark in donations since its launch in March, and was praised for their efforts by South East Cambridgeshire MP Lucy Frazer. 

Ukraine Lifeline letter from MP Lucy Frazer

SE Cambs MP Lucy Frazer wrote a letter to Ukraine Lifeline praising the work the group has been doing. - Credit: Ukraine Lifeline

But Ukraine Lifeline announced they will be closing their drop-off points across the county, with last drop-offs taking place tomorrow (Thursday) and Good Friday (April 15). 

“All of our drop-off points are finding that we are only getting one to two donations a day,” Craig Taylor, who helped launch Ukraine Lifeline, said. 

“It has become unsustainable for us to keep everything open.” 

Ukraine Lifeline volunteer at Brighton Marathon

Ukraine Lifeline volunteer Paul Addison raised funds for the group by running the Brighton Marathon to continue helping the war-torn country, one way that members of the public can now help. - Credit: Ukraine Lifeline

Instead, the group will focus on corporate donations from different businesses, as well as trying to raise money from fundraising events. 

Ukrainian refugees are being welcomed to the Pymoor warehouse every Wednesday and Friday between 3-6pm to pick up essential items, as long as they are accompanied by a host. 

Refugees will also need council proof of where they have travelled from. 

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Mr Taylor added: “We still need the public’s support to push us on, but in different ways.”