Two charged after drugs described by East Cambs police as ‘not a bag of cannabis found down the back of the couch’ at house

Beck Row cannabis find

Beck Row cannabis find - Credit: Archant

A 23 -year - old man, and a 23- year- old woman, arrested yesterday from Morley Close, Beck Row near Mildenhall, have been charged with offences including burglary, production of cannabis and handling stolen goods.

Cannabis find at Beck Row

Cannabis find at Beck Row - Credit: Archant

They were charged last night and appeared before Cambridge magistrates today.

Both will re-appear at court at a later date: the man was remanded and the woman released on conditional bail.

Police said they were “continuing to gather evidence regarding further potential offences of handling stolen goods, burglary and cruelty to animals”.

The officer in the case, DC Natasha Doyle said: “This is has been a real team effort and an investigation of this nature doesn’t succeed without the involvement of a range of different skills and resources.

Beck Row cannabis find

Beck Row cannabis find - Credit: Archant

“We’re particularly grateful to members of the public who came forward with key information that helped us to obtain these charges.

“It’s important that everyone appreciates that we’re only at the point of charge here - we have a case that we believe in strongly - beyond all reasonable doubt - but we’re still seeking every investigative opportunity.

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“If there is any member of the public that can come forward to assist our investigation, please get in touch.”

Police said a “modest cannabis cultivation set up” has been found in Morley Close, Beck.

Beck Row cannabis find

Beck Row cannabis find - Credit: Archant

PC Gerry Cronin involved in the search said: “The setup which consists of a harvest of semi-mature plants of unknown value are being cultivated in a grow tent supported by UV lighting and structural ventilation.

“This is not an exceptionally large cultivation - but it’s certain not a bag of cannabis found down the back of the couch!

He said there were a number of concerns in finding a setup of this nature.

“First of all, the electricity sockets are completely overloaded - the image shows how many plugs are in the single socket,” he said.

“They are delivering lost of energy to high wattage lights. I’m sure a fire officer would agree with me that this is a real concern.

“The second issue is the heat - you don’t get a feel for the heat coming out of this photo - but the bulbs are delivering both heat and light in a very humid environment. The plants need moisture. This combination - with overloaded electrics - is not sensible at all.

“Finally this cannabis will be tested for purity and strength, in terms of THC and CBD content.

“We generally expect to see high levels of THC as the market trend is increasing all the time. High THC levels in cannabis are associated with psychosis, schizophrenia, depression and mood disorders. Anyone who is contemplating using cannabis needs to make informed choices about the risks involved.”

He said anyone who would like to share any information about drugs in the community, can call police on 101 or pass information confidentially through CrimeStoppers by calling 0800 555 111