Twitter storm over MP Lucy Frazer’s email - Labour calls for her to ‘consider her position’ whilst Lib Dems calls for Prime Minister to resign

MP Lucy Frazer under fire on social media over an email she sent defending the Prime Minister's deci

MP Lucy Frazer under fire on social media over an email she sent defending the Prime Minister's decision to prorogue Parliament. The Supreme Court decided the suspension was illegal and so its back to work for MPs. Picture; LUCY FRAZER - Credit: Archant

Tory MP and Government minister Lucy Frazer faced a social media backlash after the Supreme Court ruling that the decision to suspend Parliament was unlawful.

Ms Frazer, the MP for SE Cambs and a former barrister, had defended Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision in a round robin email sent to constituents who had got in touch.

The email, sent out earlier this month, said she recognised "the strength of feeling that many have expressed on this issue.

"I understand the reasons that many individuals are concerned about the Prime Minister's decision to ask the Queen to prorogue Parliament until the 14th October.

"I appreciate that proroguing Parliament to frustrate the wishes of Parliament may set a negative precedent."

She added: "Having said this, I wanted to take this opportunity to clarify the situation. "Each year, Parliament takes a recess break from early-September to early-October in order for every political party to hold its party conference.

"These conferences are organised during this period every year in which it is expected that Parliament will be on a recess break.

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"The recess allows Parliamentarians to attend conferences without the consequence that they are absent from debate. The prorogation of Parliament is only an extension on the planned recess break by four days."

She told her constituents: "I understand the concerns that you have about this decision and I appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with me. I hope that it has been helpful to set out some context."

Labour's Huw Jones, who fought against her at the last election, tweeted: "Lucy Frazer must consider her position as a junior minister. Surely a barrister can't allow themselves to be associated with unlawful acts and deceiving the Queen?"

Lib Dem MEP Lucy Nethsingha tweeted after the Supreme Court verdict: "This is an extraordinary day for our democracy.

"The Supreme Court has been forced to step in to defend the rights of Parliament from a Prime Minister who has shown a total disregard for our most precious institutions; not to mention for the truth. Johnson must resign.

Ely Progressives, who call themselves "a group of local, politically engaged individuals attempting to shake up local politics by providing an alternative perspective and generating debate" also weighed in.

They tweeted: "It seems lawyer Lucy Frazer got the legal position on prorogation totally wrong. There's a surprise."

Anne Griffiths tweeted that she, too, had received the email from Lucy Frazer.

"I replied to it today with some strength of feeling. I expect her next bland party line response in due course. She's no Lady Hale," she wrote.

And SE Cambs for Europe tweeted Lucy Frazer to tell her: "Not only Johnson, the father of lies, should be considering his position - but all those who aid and abet him in his lies."