Twickenham house takes the title at Witchford Village College games day

Twickenham House were the winners.

Twickenham House were the winners. - Credit: Archant

Students at Witchford Village College competed during an Inter House Games Day on Friday.

Wacky Races

Wacky Races - Credit: Archant

Competing in their houses (Lords, Twickenham, Wembley and Wimbledon) for the House Cup, each student participated in a curriculum-based activity and a sport.

In the English department curriculum-based activities included, Geocache (a hi-tech treasure hunt), creating advertising material for a new sports product, designing a sports board game with rules and instructions and creating a sales pitch for a film based around a sporting character.

Pink Fluffy Unicorn team

Pink Fluffy Unicorn team - Credit: Archant

The science department carried out experiments on three different sports drinks to establish sugar content and the ability to re-hydrate. The maths Department staged tournaments of chess, Scrabble, draughts, Soduko and Yahtzee.

Art and Design saw the teams building ‘Wacky Races’ cars and then racing them for a trophy - the Pink Fluffy Unicorn Car won the morning race.

Egg box challenge

Egg box challenge - Credit: Archant

Catering students cooked a healthy lunch for staff with the second group creating an afternoon tea.

Drama students worked in their houses to produce an opening ceremony for a physical theatre spectacular and the history department taught students about the history of dance and the Olympics.


Science - Credit: Archant

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Product design students were asked to produce ‘shock-proof’ packaging for a single egg.

Alongside the curriculum-based activities were sports including cricket, rounders, tennis, table tennis and tag rugby tournaments. Some students were introduced to archery whilst others took part in a speed stacking relay.

Speed stacking

Speed stacking - Credit: Archant

There were fast games of ultimate frisbee and teams were lead through aerobics and dance sessions.

There was a team challenge and one activity involved moving a bucket of water held by ropes without spilling it.

Film pitch

Film pitch - Credit: Archant

Twickenham house was announced as the winning team, and each member celebrated with shortbread medals strung from strawberry boot laces.

Joanna Gordon, of the college, said: “It was a fantastic day and great to see all students involved in new and different activities and rising to and completing some excellent challenges.


Archery - Credit: Archant

“Special mention must go to Christina Emmess, head of PE, who organised the whole day with the support of all staff.”

Aerobics team

Aerobics team - Credit: Archant


Cricket - Credit: Archant


Catering - Credit: Archant