TV chef, who launches a new series next week, likes nothing better than getting home to the peace of Wicken Fen

Dale Pinnock has written 13 books in 19 languages

Dale Pinnock has written 13 books in 19 languages - Credit: Archant

Families across Britain will be getting tips on eating healthier for less with a new TV series starring a chef and author from Wicken Fen.

Dale Pinnock on ITV's This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield

Dale Pinnock on ITV's This Morning with Amanda Holden and Phillip Schofield - Credit: Archant

Nutritionist and entrepreneur Dale Pinnock is to star in the series Eat, Shop, Save starting on Thursday 13 at 7.30pm on ITV.

His journey to becoming a household name began in the unlikely roots of suffering teenage acne and a drive to fix it by eating better.

It was to become a path that has led him to publish 13 books in 19 languages, a weekly column in the Telegraph, a slot on the Alan Titchmarsh show and regular slots on ITV’s Lorraine and This Morning.

“Anyone who has suffered will now how awful it is,” Dale said, “so I decided to change. Out went pizzas, burgers and teenage boy rubbish to healthier food.

“It worked and not only did my skin improve but I felt better, had more energy, more mental clarity and a real inner feel good factor. After that I was hooked,” he said

In his early 20s, against a backdrop of rave days, the healthy eating continued and after studying at Cambridge Regional College he got degrees in nutrition and herbal medicine before working in the industry and bagging a post graduate diploma in nutritional medicine.

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“The ultimate goal was to have a TV series and here it is which makes all the hard work worthwhile” he said.

Alongside the show is his first grab and go restaurant in London launching in a fortnight with his business partners under the Sano brand.

It adds to their existing Sano School of Culinary Medicine and Sano Life media productions team.

Away from the bustle of business and city life Dale says he is always glad to get back to Wicken Fen.

“It’s always a relief to get home to peace and tranquillity,” he said. “There’s nothing better than getting up early and going for a walk across the Fen.”

As to eating out locally he enjoys Le Spice and Sylhet Indian food and Poets House in Ely plus the Merry Monk in Isleham.

“There’s so many great places to choose from around here and good food events too, I think we do very well in Ely,” he said.