Tricky Ely junction needs solution, road users say

THE City of Ely Council has vowed to act to improve a junction in High Barns which road users say leaves them “exposed”.

The Beech Lane junction with New Barns Avenue is partially unsighted and road users claim they have to wander into the path of oncoming traffic to get a clear view of the road.

The City of Ely Council has moved quickly to act on the concerns, saying it would be contacting Cambridgeshire County Council to come up with a solution.

Posting on the ShapeYourPlace website, Ely resident Toby Jones, said: “When I’m cycling up Beech Lane, and I want to turn right into New Barns Ave, I’m conscious of the speed that cars come round the corner from New Barns Rd, from my left.

“In order to see if there’s anything coming from my left, I have to go far into the junction, which leaves me feeling very exposed, especially as this road is used by heavy farm equipment and lorries.”

Mr Jones suggested a mini-roundabout at the junction would improve safety for people wishing to turn right into High Barns by the city council played down the idea.

Tracey Coulson, clerk to the council, said: “Members were of the opinion that a mini roundabout at this junction would not address the problems in this area.

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“It was felt that the problems with cars parking close to the corners of Deacons Lane, New Barns Avenue and Beech Lane need to be resolved as a starting point.

“The council will be writing to the Highways Department at Cambs County Council to ask them to look at a possible solution to this problem and cost out an appropriate scheme. This will then be considered again at a further meeting.”

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire County Council added: “

“Cambridgeshire County Council has not previously been approached with such a desire for a highways improvement at Beech Lane.

“If now the local community, and their representatives, sees this desire as a priority of need for improvement, they could approach the County Council and it would be able to investigate further.”