Trees that “pose a risk” to drivers on A142 to be cut down by King’s Ely

The trees at Amherst Field, which are to be cut down.

The trees at Amherst Field, which are to be cut down. - Credit: Archant

Trees in “poor health” that could potentially fall on motorists travelling on the A142 are to be cut down by King’s Ely.

Several specimens are now within falling distance of the busy A142 say Care For Trees, who carried out the school’s annual tree health survey.

The “vital” tree management is being carried out on several trees, including three large poplars, at the Amherst Field, in Station Road, because they “pose a risk to users of the sports field, members of the public and users of the carriageway”.

“The trees in question have a number of ailments, including infestations of goat moth, which burrows into the tree, causing decay inside the base,” said a spokesman for the school.

The tree works will be carried out throughout November and December.

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Mark Hart, King’s Ely’s chief operating officer, said: “The Amherst Field is experiencing an increase in use. It is the school’s responsibility to ensure that our facilities are safe, not just for our own pupils and staff, but for all users.

“After discussions with Ely’s tree officer we have decided to fell these trees that are unfortunately in poor health.”

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Mike Wallman, of Care for Trees, who are based in Newmarket, said: “The proposed works will deal with the trees that have major structural problems.”

The school plans to increase the amount of different tree species when re-planting to “create a more diverse space”.

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