Trailers targeted in spate of thefts

A RECENT spate of thefts from villages across the district has seen thieves targeting trailers, officers have warned.

Speaking to Star Radio, Ely police inspector Paul Ormerod said thieves had been exploiting unsecured trailers to load up their haul of goods and tow them away.

Insp Ormerod said villages in the east of the district, including Prickwillow, Fordham and Isleham has been particular targets for the thieves but warned that cases had also been reported in Soham and Burwell.

He said: “We have seen an increase in trailer thefts and that has been particularly the case in the east of the district, in the Prickwillow, Soham, Fordham and Isleham areas but also down to Burwell also.

“We have been sending out a message across the district for trailers owners just to be that bit extra vigilant and be aware that we have had a series of thefts.

“We know that we are moving towards summer and that people will be going out in the garden, they will be doing work around their house and possibly leaving garages, sheds open and we are just asking people to be aware that we have seen an increase in thefts.

“Particularly we have seen items taken from sheds and garages loaded onto a trailer and the trailers being used to take those items away.”

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Insp Ormerod added that PCSOs had been on the look out across the district for unsecured trailers but said that owners had to make sure their items were kept secure when away from their properties.