Of all the places in all the city to park an uninsured 4x4

4x4 without insurance parks outside police station

Police couldn't resist photographing the 4x4 without insurance that parked right opposite Parkside police station, Cambridge - Credit: Cambs Police

A 4x4 without insurance might have gone unnoticed save for one major error – the driver parked it opposite a police station!  

Cambridgeshire Police were astonished when they simply had to walk across the road from their Parkside headquarters in the city centre to ‘book’ the Ford Thunder 4x4.  

Police even managed to see a lighter side to their job. 

“Why did the police officer cross the road?” they posted to social media.  

“To get to the other side – and seize this vehicle, parked directly opposite Parkside Police Station with no insurance!” 

On a more serious note, they added: “Driving without insurance is an offence that could land you with a hefty fine and points on your licence.  

“You could also get your car seized or destroyed and, in some cases, be disqualified from driving.” 

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For good measure they added: “It’s no joke. 

“And remember: we can’t be everywhere, but we could be anywhere… and we’re quite likely to be – yes, you guessed it: in a police station.” 

Reader Brian congratulated them. 

“Good to know you are willing to travel so far to catch an offender,” he posted.