Horse concerns motorists after invading busy stretch of A10

Police guide a horse from the A10 carriageway.

The road was temporarily closed while police brought the horse to safety. - Credit: Herts Specials

A horse found its way onto the A10 Great Cambridge Road yesterday (Sunday March 13), forcing the closure of the carriageway until it could be safely removed.

Police were alerted to the intruder on the highway at 10.13am following calls from concerned motorists.

To guide the horse to safety, a rope halter was fashioned by one of the attending officers, who has experience with horses.

Newly-transferred Special Constable Matthew Toy said: "After two-and-a-half years working in Stoke Newington with the Met Police, I can safely say this is the first time I’ve had to deal with horses at work. It was a great job to deal with on my first shift with Herts (Specials)."

Matthew was assisted by police Constable Lucy Biddick and Police Community Support Officer Georgia Clark.

It was the latter whose equine experience came to fruition when dealing with the horse. 

A spokesperson for Hertfordshire's Special Constabulary said: "For newly transferred SC, Matthew Toy it was a completely new experience...

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"...PCSO Clark made use of her equine skills to fashion a rope halter and we got the mischievous pony back in his field - we think the pony was quite taken with her!"