Forecourts forced shut as fuel supply runs dry at Soham near Ely

Closed BP garage in Soham this morning (April 10).

Closed BP garage in Soham this morning (April 10). - Credit: Terry Harris

Some forecourts across Cambridgeshire have been forced shut this morning as temporary fuel supply issues run into the weekend.  

Pictures show two BP garages closed this morning (April 10) in Soham near Ely.  

The shortages are primarily hitting diesel drivers, with most fuel stations across the region remaining open for unleaded petrol customers only.  

Another shut BP garage at Soham near Ely today (April 10).

Another shut BP garage at Soham near Ely today (April 10). - Credit: Terry Harris

We received pictures yesterday (April 9) of long lines of vehicles at a Shell garage in Peterborough, as well as a closed-off Tesco fuel station in Cambridge. 

It comes after a retail expert claimed that fuel deliveries are still taking place, and that shortages at forecourts are localised and temporary.  

The temporary shortage follows several days of environmental protests at some of the UK's largest fuel depots, including the Navigator oil terminal at Thurrock, Essex. 

Fuel queues after pumps ran dry and are refilled,
City, Peterborough
Saturday 09 April 2022.

Fuel queues after pumps were refilled in Peterborough yesterday (April 9). - Credit: Terry Harris

Simon Williams, RAC fuel spokesperson, said: “We are aware that protests last Friday and Saturday at 10 fuel terminals in the South East and Midlands caused some disruption to planned deliveries.  

“This included tanker drivers being prevented from leaving terminals to deliver fuel to forecourts and some damage to vehicles and property.  

“We understand that operations are now back to normal which will mean forecourts will be receiving new supplies.”