Police were quick to assure that part of the A14 in Cambridgeshire was not likened to “a skate park” as it felt the effects of soaring temperatures.

Part of the westbound carriageway was closed off to motorists as it tried to cope with extreme heat.

“No, the A14 is not being turned into a skate park… unfortunately the road surface isn’t coping well in this heat,” a spokesperson for Cambridgeshire Police said.

“While it might look like fun, it’s potentially very dangerous.”

Police shared a photograph of the area affected on July 18, which shows a miniature ramp formed on the westbound carriageway at Bottisham.

The road was closed for emergency repairs throughout Monday evening and reopened this morning (Tuesday).

A red weather warning was issued by the Met Office for parts of the UK as temperatures were expected to reach 40C on Monday and today.