Statue for anti-slavery campaigner a 'no go' despite mixed views

Anti-slavery campaigner Olaudah Equiano

Soham Town Council have decided they will not erect a statue for Olaudah Equiano, an anti-slavery campaigner who came to the town in the 18th Century. - Credit: Remembering Equiano

A statue commemorating an anti-slavery campaigner who came to east Cambridgeshire during the 18th Century will not be built. 

Soham Town Council made the decision on March 9 to not go ahead with planning to erect a statue in honour of Olaudah Equiano. 

The decision comes after this newspaper asked readers if they would like to see a statue built for Equiano

In total, 56pc agreed to honouring the former slave while 44pc were against the idea. 

Writing on their Facebook page, Soham Town Council confirmed the decision after many shared mixed views on social media. 

“The deadline for responses on your opinion, either 'yes or no' for the possibility of a statue of Olaudah Equiano in Soham; as raised by a resident, has now passed,” they wrote. 

“The result is - a majority no. 

“Thank you for your engagement.” 

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Olaudah Equiano was captured by local slave traders, before marrying and living in Soham after he bought his own freedom.