There’s an eerily familiar feel to the ghostly goings on in author’s new book


Author Deborah Curtis has produced a brand-new collection of supernatural stories, set in and around the city of Ely.

Entitled Isle of Ghosts, the book will take readers on a spooky tour around some familiar locations in Ely and beyond, including Oliver Cromwell’s house and JH Adams ironmongers, in Littleport.

And Ms Curtis, from Littleport, will be at Oliver Cromwell’s house, in St Mary’s Street on Thursday, October 30, to read extracts from the new book.

She said: “With its echoing cobbles, narrow passageways and ancient cathedral, Ely is the perfect setting for ghostly encounters.

“You will find some of the wandering souls who inhabit the Isle of Ghosts in the usual places: in shadowed corners of the cathedral precincts, in lonely houses and along isolated stretches of fenland roads: but you will also encounter others in more mundane settings: in taxis, offices and classrooms.”

Isle of Ghosts is published by Hare in the Gate Publications and is available, at £6, from bookshops in Ely.