Theft leaves holiday plans in tatters

A LITTLEPORT family’s school holiday plans have been left in tatters after thieves stole a jetski from their driveway.

The Muffitt family were hoping to spend much of the summer holidays enjoying the jetski at an outdoor centre in Peterborough but have had to shelve their plans after the machine was stolen from their home on Thursday morning.

Dad Duncan Muffitt said he was left gobsmacked when he discovered the �8,000 jetski had vanished, as the thieves had managed to wheel the machine and a large trailer away without his or his neighbour’s normally boisterous dogs making a sound.

The family live on Plains Lane on the outskirts of the village and the thieves would have had to move the trailer along a gravel driveway before hooking it to a vehicle.

Mr Muffitt said that while the jetski could eventually be replaced, he would not be able to substitute the time lost during the summer with his children Ryan, 12, Elena, 11 and nine-year-old Jake, whose cystic-fibrosis is eased by runs on the jetski.

“My concern is trying to get the kids settled at night now that they know someone has been on the property,” he said.

The dad-of-three said the thieves had probably been watching his house over a number of weeks as there is no through road leading away from the property.

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The distinctive Yamaha VX jet ski, which is white with a blue nose cone, is covered in stickers from the Six Hills Jet Ski centre. Police are urging anyone with information to contact them on 0345 456 4564.