Spectacular light show brings the wow factor to city

A dash of Halloween magic – coupled with a tribute to the NHS (National Health Service) – are lighting up part of Ely this weekend.

It is the latest in a series of stunning video projections created by a home owner in Barton Road.

The architect of the display wants to remain anonymous even though he is expecting it to be a drive by experience to be enjoyed by many.

The display can be seen throughout the weekend and into next week.

It is a visual and stunning delight.

“I simply want to help promote Ely and bring a little fun for families during a challenging time,” he says.

His house is a work of art in motion. He also projected VE (Victory in Europe) Day onto it.

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And he says he has plans for Armistice and for Christmas too.

But it remains a powerful testimony to those on the front line of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I did a projection during March with the lockdown and also VE day (originally a Christmas project brought forward),” he said.

The current projection will remain throughout the weekend and until Tuesday.