Tesco looking towards new expanded Ely store

SUPERMARKET giant Tesco could be relocating into a new upgraded Ely store under plans being put together by developers.

Under the plans, being led by Healy Investments Ltd, Tesco would move from its current site at Angel Drove to a new expanded site at Sir James Black Road, a few hundred yards down the bypass.

The move would pave the way for a new housing and retail development at the city’s ‘station gateway’ area while also freeing up land for a potential new bypass to relieve congestion problems at the city’s level crossing.

Cllr Bill Hunt said: “I believe that some exploratory conversations between planning officers and interested parties have taken place or are about to take place concerning the development.”

According to the Healy Investments, the development would bring hundreds of new jobs to the city while increasing choice for shoppers.

The Ely Traders Association has expressed concern at the news however, spokesman Andrew Olley said: “The council should be managing the development of this growing community. It is not. It isn’t listening to its residents concerns. Instead, the council is listening to the supermarkets.

“Lured by the millions of pounds that can pay for projects like the southern bypass, they seem blind to the real consequences. But what is even worse, is that the district council is, at the same time, quite openly prepared to display its lack of planning and its lack of care in sacrificing the heart of its community.”

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Developers say the proposals are still on the drawing board, but they hope to display the proposals at a public exhibition before the end of the year.

Healy Investments spokesman, Matthew Chandler said: “We are in an early stage of planning at the moment but when we have something to present, we would very much like for everyone who’s interested in the proposals to come and visit our exhibition and talk to the team.”

Tesco’s, Louise Gosling said: “We are pleased to be able to confirm our intention to upgrade our existing store in a new location so that we may offer more choice and better facilities to our local customers.

“We look forward to working with Healy Investments to exhibit the plans in due course and welcome feedback on the proposals. We will ensure that the events are well advertised and that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to have their say.”