Teenager stranded in Soham when bus failed to turn up so missed driving test in Cambridge

Lewis Nunn was ujnable to take his driving test when his bus failed to turn up at 1pm to take him to

Lewis Nunn was ujnable to take his driving test when his bus failed to turn up at 1pm to take him to Cambridge. - Credit: Archant

An 18 year old was unable to get to his driving theory test in Cambridge when the bus he was waiting for failed to turn up.

Lewis Nunn went to catch the 1pm bus from Soham to get to the city in plenty of time for his 3pm exam.

But after waiting fro more than an hour and a quarter he said it still had not turned up.

It has left him out of pocket by £23 which he had paid in advance to sit the test.

His Mum Jane said: “By 2pm the bus still had not showed up. Lewis had been checking progress on their website on his phone, he was worried about getting to his test in time so he rang me and I offered to call Stagecoach.

“I rang to ask what was happening and was told it had broken down in Stuntney at 1.02pm.”

“Lewis works at Ely Tesco so had paid for the test himself but because he didn’t show he has lost that money.

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“The test is at 3pm but they have to be there by 2.45pm.

“When I pointed that out to Stagecoach they refused to offer him a refund.

“They told me the bus had turned up at Soham at 2.20pm and had go to Cambridge by 2.50pm but the best of us couldn’t get to Cambridge in half an hour never mind a bus so I am not sure what happened.”

She added: “When you live in a rural area many people rely on public transport.”

Andy Campbell, managing director of Stagecoach East, said: “We are sorry to hear that Lewis missed his driving theory test. Each bus in our fleet is inspected every 28 days, in strict rotation, to ensure it is safe and roadworthy.

“We do everything we can to avoid breakdowns - but, as with any vehicle, they do occasionally happen.

“The bus fault occurred at 13.02 and a replacement vehicle was sent with a mechanic at 13.27 arriving in Stuntney at 14.03.

“The driver then transferred his passengers and resumed service at 14.12.

“Our tracking software shows that the bus arrived in Cambridge Short Street at 14.50 and Drummer Street at 14.53 in time for Lewis’ 3pm test. “We have, nevertheless, offered Lewis a Dayrider Plus voucher as a gesture of good will.”