Teenager fined for fare evasion

A TEENAGER who tried to hitch a series of free rides on the train was hit with a �350 fine by magistrates this week.

On February 14, 18-year-old Miles Watson was asked to produce a rail ticket for his journey from Littleport to Cambridge by a conductor for rail operator First Capital Connect.

Watson, of Millpit Furlong, told the conductor that he had a valid season ticket but had left it at home. He was then given 14 days to produce it to rail staff but failed to do so.

On March 1, little more than two weeks after his first offence, Watson was caught using another train between Littleport and Cambridge without a valid ticket but again told the conductor that he had left his season ticket at home.

When he failed to produce the season ticket he was hit with a court summons and, appearing before magistrates in Cambridge on Thursday, the teenager was hit with a �350 fine and was ordered to pay court costs of �110 and a �15 victim surcharge.

Watson will also have to pay a total of �13 in compensation.