Tampon tax scrap is welcomed by MEP Vicky Ford

Vicky Ford MEP

Vicky Ford MEP - Credit: Archant

Plans to scrap the tampon tax have been welcomed by MEP Vicky Ford.

East of England MEP and Conservative consumer rights spokesman, Mrs Ford, has welcomed a deal to remove VAT from women’s sanitary products.

She said: “These products are essentials and not luxuries and never should have had VAT imposed on them in first place, common sense has prevailed.

“This should be the start of a much wider reform of VAT as there are other areas where the full rate of VAT shouldn’t be applied, including energy saving products.”

EU leaders have agreed a deal that will allow the UK to scrap the so-called “tampon tax”, British officials say.

Two options have been put forward that would permit a zero rate of tax on sanitary products.

VAT is currently charged at a reduced rate of five per cent on sanitary products.