Swastika graffiti discovered in Ely

Offensive graffiti was painted yet again in Ely

The East Cambs Community Safety Partnership is clamping down on graffiti following a spate of offensive incidents in Ely within the last four months. - Credit: Archant/Archive

Racist graffiti was plastered over telephone exchange boxes in Ely.

East Cambridgeshire Police released a photo of one of the offensive incidents – a swastika daubed in bright green.

A police spokesperson wrote on their Policing East Cambridgeshire Facebook page that they have yet to find the culprits.

“We’re aware of two incidents in which offensive graffiti has been painted on exchange boxes,” said the spokesperson.

The first was on the junction of Chiefs Street and West Fen Road and the other at the junction of Upherd’s Lane and West Fen Road.

“We would ask that members of the community come forward if they have any information that can help us,” said the spokesperson.

East Cambridgeshire District Council then acted swiftly on the matter to remove the graffiti.

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Sergeant Mark Rabel, of Cambridgeshire police, said: “There were a small number of similar incidents in the Ely area earlier this year and we are keeping an open mind as to whether these latest crimes are linked.

“We appreciate this kind of graffiti is worrying and distressing for local people. There is no place in our county for racism or prejudice and we take all reports extremely seriously.”

If you have more information, you can report it to Cambridgeshire police by calling 101 quoting crime reference number 35/83525/20.

It is the second time in eight months that offensive graffiti has been reported in the city, after East Cambridgeshire District Council had to remove it from a wall.

One resident remarked to police: “Who in their right mind would do this, even as a joke?

“I hope whoever did I’m this is ashamed of themselves.”

Another said it was “probably the same person that did a spate of it last year, they tag the initial EJ which I think stands for Ely Jerks”.

Graffiti can also be reported to East Cambridgeshire District Council via 01353 665555.

The council said in April – when they removed some earlier graffiti – that its street scene team will remove offensive graffiti from private property too, free of charge, with the land-owners’ permission and aim to remove it within 48 hours.

“Offensive graffiti can cause people distress and includes anything that might be considered racist, sexist, obscene or inflammatory” said a council spokesman.

“East Cambs Street Scene aims to remove offensive graffiti within 24 hours of it being reported.”

If you find graffiti on any British Telecom or Virgin Media street cabinets, please report this directly to either BT Openreach or Virgin Media as follows:

Virgin Media: e-mail: cabinet&plantmaintenance@virginmedia.co.uk or telephone 0870 888 3116, please note that you will need to provide a specific location or the asset number on the cabinet, as well as a contact phone number or e-mail so they can contact you if they can’t find the location in question.

BT Openreach: telephone 0800 023 2023 (select Option 1), again you will need to provide a specific location, asset number (if known) and a contact name and number.

If you have more information, you can report it to Cambridgeshire police through their web-chat service at https://bit.ly/331ZSbB, quoting crime reference number 35/83525/20 or call 101.