Three ‘wise men’ removed from Witchford after they were spotted with dogs in field during dispersal order

Three men from Berkshire have been banned from the East Cambridgeshire area on suspicion of hare cou

Three men from Berkshire have been banned from the East Cambridgeshire area on suspicion of hare coursing in Witchford. Picture: EAST CAMBS COPS - Credit: EAST CAMBS COPS

Three men – from outside the county – were banned from Witchford for 48 hours on suspicion of hare coursing.

The men were spotted with the dogs near Common Road shortly before 11am on Saturday, December 22.

Special Constable Elliot Wilding-Glendye responded with the support of the NPAS helicopter.

Their vehicle - a Honda CR-V 4x4, registered to a Berkshire address was seized as it was SORN (registered not on the road, and untaxed).

The males were all subject to a dispersal order requiring them to leave the area and prohibiting their return within 48 hours.

A spokesman for East Cambridgeshire Police said: “The keeper of the vehicle was reported for the vehicle related offence. This person will face a fine for driving an untaxed vehicle on the road.

“They must pay the cost of recovery and a release fee to reclaim it - once there is evidence that the vehicle has been taxed. Alternatively he will be fined and the vehicle will be crushed.”

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The dogs were found to be in good health and appeared well kept so they remained with the owners. The men were then directed to find their way home.

Special Constable Wilding-Glendye said: “There had been multiple calls to suspected hare coursing around the Witchford and Coveney area. NPAS helicopter was in the area to support us and we got them boxed into the field.”

“There is a possibility that the three wise men might have made it home by now (reports that they had to use camels to get home cannot be confirmed).

“If they are reading this in Berkshire - we wish you a Merry Christmas from everyone at Cambridgeshire Constabulary!”

If you have any information regarding incidents or criminality of this nature, you are asked to call 101. You can report any information to the police anonymously via CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111.