Super slimmer Lawrence loses nine stone

FATHER of three Lawrence Moll is celebrating after losing a massive NINE STONE in weight over the past 12 months.

Lawrence - who is a support worker at a Littleport care home - is now jut a shadow of his former self, his waist measurement has reduced from 54 inches to 38 inches, and he has turned from someone who got out of breath by leaving the couch, to an active dad who loves taking his children to the park.

It was the birth of Lawrence’s third child that spurred him on to lose the weight - he was determined to play football with Larry, who is now 15 months old.

Shedding this enormous amount of weight had totally transformed Lawrence’s life - he now cycles to work, attends the gym and is looking forward to gaining his degree in social work.

Lawrence, who lives in Littleport, said: “The final straw came when my son was born, and my wife Mel told me that if I wanted to run around and play football, I needed to lose weight as soon as possible, or it would be too late. That really struck a chord with me, she knew I would be upset if I could not do that.

“When he was born, I was bigger than I had ever been, and my confidence was at an all time low.”

Mel was already a member of Slimming World when she persuaded Lawrence to join and take up a healthy eating regime.

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Lawrence added: “Once the weight started coming off, the increase in my confidence was almost instantaneous I had lots of support from Mel, I think she is very proud of what I have achieved, and she was the one who convinced me to tell my story.”

Looking back, Lawrence says he started putting on weight when he left school and gave up sport. “I got bigger and bigger and less active by the year, as daily life, work and the children took over.”

He still wants to lose another four stone, and is determined not to slip back into his old habits of eating take aways.

Lawrence added: “There are so many advantages to being slim - I am more active and have a lot more energy, which means I can do more with my family. The number of trips to the park has doubled, now I don’t mind walking there and running around with the kids.

“When I started biking to work, it would take me 35 minutes or more, now I can do it in 10 minutes without over exerting myself.”

Lawrence is currently taking an access course, and plans to do a degree in social work. And he says dieting does not mean giving up all his favourite food - he still enjoys a home made curry or chips and home made burgers.

Losing weight has also reduced Lawrence’s problem with sleep apnoea. He uses a mask at night, but the air pressure he needs has gone down, and previous pain in his knees has disappeared.

Talking about his Slimming World mentor, Lawrence said: “Sharon gave me encouragement and the confidence to believe in myself, and the ability to reach small goals that have added up to a large weight loss.”