Suggestions flood in after East Cambs Police announce plans to monitor parking and road safety outside local schools

Parking issues outside of Witchford Village College at pick up and drop off times!.

Parking issues outside of Witchford Village College at pick up and drop off times!. - Credit: Archant

A Facebook post from East Cambridgeshire Police prompted dozens of suggestions from parents after it stated that the force is to visit schools around the area to encourage safe driving and parking.

Sgt Ryan Carter posted an update following his original post which gave advice on parking around Witchford College to minimise accidents.

The update outlined Carter’s intention to target a number of schools every day during dropping off and picking up times to ensure that drivers are parking safely in areas around the schools.

He said: “I have changed the working hours of our PCSOs for the next two weeks - starting this Monday - to deal with parking and road safety around our schools.

“We will be targeting four schools per day at dropping off and picking up times and our PCSOs have been briefed with regards to a positive response to these issues.

“We will also be sending out letters and emails to parents, and we hope that this will encourage everyone to support this initiative.

“What we’re talking about here is road safety near our schools and therefore the safety of our children. We’ll be treating the issue with the appropriate level of importance.”

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The post opened the floodgates to dozens of suggestions from parents on where the officers should be stationed within the next fortnight.

One response said: “Ten Bell Lane junction to Pratt Street. I’ve nearly been hit countless times. Complained about it countless times too. Passed from pillar to post - no-one wants to know.”

Another parent suggested between High Barns and Kings Avenue in Ely, with it being described as “absolute mayhem every weekday.”

The High Street in Haddenham was also mentioned by a parent who voiced his concerns on drivers picking their children up from Robert Arkenstall Primary School: “Vehicles illegally parked, parents trying to park whilst on their mobile phones, vehicles stopping traffic to (dangerously) drop kids in the road to save walking a few extra meters are daily events. Amazed there hasn’t been an accident.”

Pratt Street in Soham was also singled out in a comment on East Cambridgeshire Police’s page, where it was described as “very dangerous.”

Cyprian Way in Soham was labelled as “beyond a joke,” and Highfields Estate in Littleport was also suggested.