Students Across East Cambs Celebrate GCSE Results

STUDENTS from across East Cambs celebrated another record-breaking year for GCSEs results.

STUDENTS from across East Cambs celebrated another record-breaking year for GCSEs results.

At Soham Village College 73 per cent of students attained five A* to C grades. Head girl Jenny Richards from Burwell excelled with 6 A*s and 4 As and will go on to study at Hills Road Sixth Form College in September.

Principal Dr Carin Taylor said: “Once again the governors and staff at the school congratulate our students on their deserved success. We are confident that students are well prepared for the next phase of their education of training and wish them well.”

Students at City of Ely Community College celebrated a record-breaking year, with 74 per cent of students passing five or more subjects at grades A* to C, up on the previous record of 70 per cent, set last year. Amongst them was Rhiannon Hope from Soham who got six A*s and six As and will also go to Hill Road College.

Principal Catherine Jenkinson-Dix said: “This is a fantastic achievement for our students and is a reward for their hard work over the past five years, as well as their families who have supported them during this time. I would like to thank my staff for their dedication in securing success for these young people.”

There were celebrations at Witchford Village College where 83 per cent of the student body achieved five A* to C grades. George Allen from Witchford got 5 A*s and 4 As to match his sister Nancy’s recent A-level triumph with 3 A*s and 1 A.

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And at King’s School Ely 59 per cent of all exams were given the top A* and A marks and 99 per cent of pupils achieved five or more passes graded A* to C. Twenty-one students passed in ten subjects all graded A* or A.

Headteacher Sue Freestone, said: “We are so proud of these young people. It is a real pleasure to know that they have done themselves and their teachers justice.”

However, the amount of students achieving top grades in English and maths is significantly lower than for other subjects. Nationally 62.7 per cent achieved an A* to C grade pass in English and 57.2 per cent in maths. Despite a record breaking year at Ely College only 50 percent of students include English and maths in their five A* to C grades. Similarly at Soham College there was a lower figure of 64 per cent. Yet Kings School buck the trend managing a perfect 100 per cent A* to C pass rate in English with a strong 94 per cent in maths.

Pic caps: Dale Green from Soham and Mat Grimster from Fordham who both received more than 10 GCSEs with As or above; head girl Jenny Richards from Burwell achieved six A*s and four As

Rebecca Peryer from Witchford and Sophie Ayscough from Witchford and Annelie Lidler from Hadenham.

George Allen from Witchford who achieved four A*s

Rhiannon Hope from Soham who learned she had A* and six As on Tuesday.