Strain on gyms and swimming pools as demand increases in East Cambs


ECDC - Credit: Archant

Increasing demand has created a shortage of leisure facilities in East Cambridgeshire, a new report has concluded.

A study of all indoor sports facilities in the district was carried out by The Sports Consultancy and rated the supply, satisfaction, size and quality of facilities.

The report found that demand is increasing and creating shortfalls in the availability of swimming space, gym equipment and fitness studios.

The report also flagged falling levels of satisfaction with indoor sports facilities in the district, with many of the centres now being more than 30 years old.

The report says that the a new district leisure centre will address most of the demands for indoor leisure facilities up to 2026.

However, it also suggests communities, parish councils, the leisure centre trusts and the district council must work together to deliver an action plan to improve existing facilities.

Councillors on the commercial services committee agreed to establish a sport and health development review group to report back to its next meeting to highlight what is needed to deliver the action plan.

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Councillor Richard Hobbs, chairman of commercial services committee, said: “The new district leisure centre will have an impact but to improve indoor sports facilities requires a plan.

“The good news is we now have one – the hard work starts with making sure we can deliver it. This is not something which can be done alone, by one body in isolation. “Only by coming together, uniting our talents can we drive participation up and create sustainable services across East Cambridgeshire.

“The will from the district council is certainly there, so I look forward to working with bodies across our area to begin to make a difference in the months and years to come.”