Stock up now to save on winter fuel, Ely CAB say

ELY’S Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) is urging households in East Cambs who rely on heating oil to stock up now to avoid higher costs in the winter months.

Fuel is typically more expensive between December and February and the CAB says those who leave it to the last minute to get their fuel can end up paying more than double.

By buying early, the CAB says householders can cut the costs and have the supplies ready to combat the chilly times ahead.

The drive is part of a national campaign call Buy Oil Early with Consumer Focus, ACRE, Citizens Advice Bureau and the Federation of Petroleum Suppliers.

Ely CAB chief officerBeverley Howard said: “Winter is well on its way and the recent colder temperatures will fill many people with a sense of dread – as they switch the heating back on; their spending goes up.

“But by being prepared and buying heating oil now, being warm this winter doesn’t have to break the bank.”

For details of opening times of the CAB website go to or ring 0845 130 6442.