Stars of a Sutton sale - vintage machinery and cars from the Holkham Hall Bygones Museum

Holkham Bygones

Holkham Bygones - Credit: Archant

Vintage machinery drew buyers from across the UK in a sale at Sutton that fetched £500,000.


AlfaRomeoMontreal. - Credit: Archant

Lots from the Holkham Hall Bygones Museum generated part of that.

Tractors, classic cars, motorbikes, user manuals and spares went under the hammer at Cheffins auction on Saturday.

Auctioneer Jeremy Curzon said they were delighted that well preserved machines and agricultural bygones continued to demand a premium.

He said: “The Cambridge Vintage Sale is our flagship event and always seems to attract some wonderful lots. This year was no different, with some stunning pieces from the Holkham Hall Estate and other significant vendors.


LivingVan - Credit: Archant

“The quality of some of the lots, particularly in the classic car and motorbike section were next to none.”

Cheffins auctioned 261 lots from the museum including a range of steam engines, agricultural machinery, domestic items, classic cars and a stunning living wagon, which was used by the Leicester family on the estate.

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In total, the Holkham Collection raised over £154,000, all proceeds of which will go to the new Holkham Hall exhibition of farming.

The Holkham Collection also included seven vintage cars which raised a total of £53,800 and a rare Field Marshall Series One tractor, which made £12,000.

Tidman Centre Engine.

Tidman Centre Engine. - Credit: Archant

The Wolseley 7 Light Car from Holkham was the key attraction of the cars section, making £11,500.

Leading the way among the tractors was an extremely rare 1917 Waterloo Boy, Model R which made £26,000, and sold post sale.

The most expensive tractor under the hammer was a rare restoration project of a Doe Triple D which made £21,000.

The stars of the sale were the Tidman Centre Engine from the Holkham Hall Collection which sold for £22,500 to a collector and steam enthusiast.

Additionally, an Alfa Romeo Montreal supercar in near perfect condition was hugely popular, making a total of £42,000.

Another significant offering was a bronze cockerel car mascot for Automobiles Hotchkiss. These mascots were only ever fitted to the car of the French President and Chauffeur of Deputies government cars. This is a rare item which sold for more than £2,000.

Cheffins will be selling part two of the Holkham Collection at the next Cambridge Vintage Sale on October 15 at Sutton.